At The Newsstand: September 2013

5 interiors, 5 products, 15 resources

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With the summer season officially over, September always reminds me of ‘back-to-school’ (even if I haven’t seen the inside of a classroom in decades.)

So true to form for my first September assignment, I have taken to the magazine stalls to find five tantalizing interiors with a home furnishing product for consideration from each – and as always I’m sharing three resources for each item with you.  This was a challenge, as there were so many beautiful homes featured in the current magazines.  Sometimes my job isn’t easy, but I have found my five to offer you here in this month’s resource feature.

As I continue to write these posts I am finding certain trends, but that may be for another story.

In the meantime, let’s get started.

CJ DEllatore Architectural Digest Cover At The Newsstand

In the current Architectural Digest I have zeroed in on something quite obscure for most designers, but one that is very dynamic and very beautiful.  The crazy quilt, as seen in the article about Columbia Artist’s Vice President Andrea Anson, is yet another layer of detail and exuberant handcrafting which adds such personality and stylishness to what is an already ‘over-the-top’ interior.  How could he just use a plain coverlet?  It wouldn’t be right.

CJ Dellatore Andrea Anson Interior AT The Newsstand

Every time I see a crazy quilt I remember Gloria Vanderbilt’s wild and zany use of them in her own home.  Here there is so much pattern that anything else would just be wrong.  Today you can buy anything on the internet, so instead of having to scour dusty antique shops all over your local countryside, you can now easily connect to any of these links and buy with a sense of security knowing you will purchase a worthwhile quilt.

The first site is Rocky Mountain Quilts located in Maine.  With purchase you also can learn all there is to know about them.  Next is Buckboard Antique Quilts, which is also informative, a bit homespun, but heck, we are talking handmade quilts here!  There is a plus with this one in that the proceeds go to help needy children.  Along with antique quilts, this next site, Laura Fisher Quilts offers a variety of speciality quilts, textiles, coverlets, etc.



CJ Dellatore Elle Decor Cover At The Newsstand

In the latest edition of Elle Decor, I couldn’t help but wonder about all the garden stools that I was seeing.  So when I spotted one  in the Kelly Wearstler commission for Cameron Diaz I just had to find a few resources.

CJ Dellatore Kelly Wearstler Interior At The NewsstandGarden stools have become de rigueur these days.  I have always loved them and have had to hunt down the good ones.  In doing my research here I found a new way for me to shop.

Pinterest boards, along with their visual appeal, can offer links to e-commerce sites.  Here are two that came up in my search.  Seven Colonial manages a Pinterest board with their inventory of stools and with a simple double-click you are moments away from a smooth and carefree shopping experience. The other Pinterest board is from Inside Avenue.  They really do make it easy.  The final site is with very reasonable prices and a very nice selection of more decorative varieties. Between the three there are numerous choices without the struggle of traipsing about looking for them.



CJ Dellatore Interiors Cover At The NewsstandLooking for a fresh interpretation of a classic, I selected in Interiors Magazine a project by Kelly Woodton where she used modern adaptations of the ever popular wing chair.

CJ Dellatore Kelly Woodton Interior At The Newsstand

Top of my list of sources for the ‘new’ wing chair is Tom Dixon.  His is by far a favorite of mine.  I hope it might be for you as well.  Another witty example is available through Mondo Collection in New York City.  Last on this hit parade is the Hardy wing chair available through Dare Studio in the UK.



CJ Dellatore House-Beautiful-September-2013 At The Newsstand

True to form House Beautiful always delivers classy and elegant homes for their readers.  This month, Mary McDonald showcases a stunning project.  I couldn’t decide which of the two I wanted to share with you more so I’m giving you resources for both the breakfront bookcase cabinet, and the daybed.

CJ Dellatore Mary McDonald Interior At The Newsstand

A seating option which is one of my own favorites (I enjoy reading and lounging in them) is the daybed or recaimier.  A masculine version is part of Richard Frazier’s furniture line available at Frazier Collection located at the NYDC on Lexington Avenue in New York City.  Suite NY has a versatile daybed which adjusts as an outdoor chaise would, and is the height of simplicity.  Informshop has two classics, one designed by Eileen Gray and the other by Jean Prouvé.

There are a number of affordable, handsome, and well crafted breakfront bookcases to shop. is a viable avenue to take when looking, so is The Bramble Co.  If you are looking for a true English cabinet, then this next site is a go to for a wide selection,



CJ Dellatore Veranda Cover At The Newsstand

I have marble on the brain (I’m in Palm Beach this week supervising the installation of marble floors on a project)  so in the current issue of Veranda I have found a monolithic example of a marble coffee table in the home of landscape designer Scott Shrader.

CJ Dellatore Scott Shrader Interior At The Newsstand

The British designer Timothy Oulton has a very similar version for sale.  Of course Italy is a primary source for great marble.  I have had several pieces carved and shipped from Italy for my clients. Salvatori has a great table to consider with the added element of steel.  KGB Limited is a New York based architectural firm with a well crafted line of designed furniture.  Here are two designs from the line for your consideration when looking for marble tables, the Zaragosa table and the Felix bench which I would use as a table in a split second.


From crazy quilts to way out wing chairs to marble tables, September is a month of amazing prospects to make your interiors special.  Happy hunting and as always thank you for reading.


Written by Carl Lana